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This post was actually written a couple days ago but I’ve held off on publishing it until my blog was in better shape.  If you’ve visited my blog more than once this week, you’ve probably seen a few different looks.  I think I’m happy with what I currently have so hopefully I keep with it for a while!  Let me know what you think!

In my first post, I mentioned that my resolution for the new year was to start a blog.  Since I have officially achieved that goal, I will put another one in place: to get started on the huge to-do list I created over the past few months!  Here are my top 5 projects for the new year.

1. Do a ‘stuff’ purge
Our house is by no means extravagant.  We live in a bungalow with minimal storage space.  Thanks to the holidays and way too many presents, we now have more stuff than we know what to do with.  I want to do a clean sweep of the house and get rid of items we no longer use or need.

2. De-clutter the open shelving in the kitchen
When the kitchen was renovated a couple years ago, I decided to put in open shelving instead of upper cabinets on one wall.  I love the contemporary look and it makes the space look more open but with everything out on display, I need a better system for keeping it tidy.  I purchased some containers and bins from Dollarama last month and I plan to put them to good use soon.

3. Create a feature wall in the living room
I love family photos and I love putting them out in the open for everyone to see.  I started with a few wedding pictures above the couch and the display has grown over the past few years.  Rather than hanging frames using nails, I want to install pictures ledges.  Additionally, I want to paint one wall a dark grey.

4. Reconfigure the basement
This project is big.  It involves reorganizing a wall of bookcases, moving the office space, setting up a crafting area, adjusting the tv space and expanding the play area so there is more space for the girls.  Our basement doubles our living space but unfortunately it just isn’t getting used as much as it should because of its lack of functionality.

5. Toilet train my toddler
This project has been ongoing for some time now but it has been pretty casual.  L will be 2.5 in February and I want her out of diapers.  I need to figure out a plan for making this happen!

Do you have any tips or advice for my upcoming projects?  What are you planning to accomplish in the next few months?

10 thoughts on “Task List

  1. Hey gal,
    You know I’m a goal setting addict, so lets see some “by whens” up there on that to do list. When do you hope to get these purges done by? Let us hold you accountable!

    • Great feedback! I want to have the first 3 complete by the end of the month. The next 2 by the end of February. Wish me luck!

  2. Try CIL/Dulux’s “Grimmy’s Grey” for your dark grey wall – nicest paint colour EVER!

    Glad to see you are doing well! Miss you!

  3. I love the new look! Pink and brown are a great combo. That’s a pretty banner too!

    I haven’t started thinking about how I’m going to display photos of M, I’ve been patiently waiting until she turns 1 before flooding the house with frames. How did you pick which ones to print? Do you do it once every few months to space out the choices?

    I want to redecorate/reconfigure every room in this house, but hubby won’t let us buy a new couch until we’re both back at work… I guess that’s fair, lol.

    I’m curious to see what toilet training techniques will work with L, because you know I’ll be coming to you for advice when the time comes for M!

    • I love the pink and brown combo too. Those are the colours we used for L’s room. I’m glad you like the banner – I pulled it together myself this afternoon!

      Picking what pictures to print was definitely a challenge. I had a set number of photos I wanted to display based on the frames we had. Then I went through all the images and narrowed it down! I usually update 2-3 times a year by either replacing old pictures or adding new frames!

      • Very creative, did you make the background too? I should hire you for my next graphic design project!

        I thought about printing photos on canvases but they’re pretty expensive, and I know if I get one I’ll want 20.

        I’m planning on making a photobook of M after her first birthday, so by the time I actually finish it and have them printed, it’ll probably be Christmas, lol.

      • Can’t take credit for the background. I found it online and it was free to use. I’ve seen projects on Pinterest for transferring photos to canvas for cheaper than actually printing them on canvas. Maybe I can add this to my project to-do list 🙂

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