De-cluttering the Kitchen

When the kitchen was renovated a couple years ago, I decided to put in open shelving instead of upper cabinets on one wall.  I love the contemporary look and it makes the space look more open but with everything out on display, I need a better system for keeping it tidy.

Here is what the shelving looked like before:

Open shelving before

Open shelving before: messy and a little too out on display

As you can see, I attempted to organize the shelves with containers back when the shelves were first installed.

Here is what it looks like now:

Organizing the kitchen: de-cluttering open shelving with containers, bins and labels

Open shelving after: neat and tidy with bins and containers

I am super pleased with the result.  Everything is neat and tidy and I would have no problem showing this off to guests to my home.  The best part is that all of the containers were from various dollar stores so the project wasn’t expensive to complete.

There was a bit of planning involved with this project.  First, I determined what items would go into the containers.  For the most part, I stored items I purchase at the bulk food store in the containers because they don’t come with any packaging.  Then, I needed to decide if a small or large container was needed.

The plan with the remaining items was to store them in bins.  For the most efficient use of the bins, I grouped like with like (e.g., drink mixes, snacks, spices and seasonings).

The last step was to label everything.  I used chalkboard labels so they can continue to be used even if I switch out the canister contents.  Sure, I know which containers hold what but does my husband?  Probably not.  In the off chance he decides to make cookies, I want to make sure he is using the right ingredients 🙂

What do you think?  Do you have any tips for organizing your kitchen?

10 thoughts on “De-cluttering the Kitchen

  1. Looks great! I love the idea. I wish I could utilize our cabinets to their full potential, but I’m too short to make use of all the space, even with a step stool! :/

    You’ll be done everything on your task list in no time! Giving yourself timelines help, but I think displaying them on your blog will motivate you even more!

    By the way, when are you free next week? Anywhere you need to go?

  2. I love the way your shelves turned out and the chalkboard labels. I just stumbled across your blog b/c it is somewhat similar to mine. Good luck with blogging and the tasks; seems like you’re off to a great start!

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