Closet Purge

The ‘stuff’ purge was a huge success.  In the end, I had a carload of stuff for Value Village: 3 garbage bags of clothes/accessories, 2 boxes of household items and 1 bag of toys.

Knowing that my house will be freed of these items certainly has me smiling but I am most proud of my closet purge.  I was absolutely ruthless.

I try to go through my clothes about twice a year to get rid of items that are just taking up space.  My issue is that I don’t want to take the chance that I won’t need an item in the future.  Sure, it hasn’t been worn in over a year and a half but that doesn’t mean I won’t have the opportunity to wear it soon!

This time around I developed some guidelines and did my best to stick to them:

  • Has the item been worn in the past 6 months? Past year?
  • Does the item still fit in all the necessary places and still feel comfortable?
  • Is the item appropriate to be worn out in public during the day (i.e., not too short/tight/revealing)?
  • Does the item have multiple forms of wear-age (i.e., across seasons or to work and on the weekends)?

Thanks to my criteria, here is what I ended up purging:


  • 8 dresses
  • 8 pairs of pants
  • 4 skirts
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 7 sweaters/cardigans
  • 25 tops

On top of that, there were also 2 pairs of boots, 6 pairs of shoes and 2 coats.  And yes, I still have plenty of clothes left in my wardrobe.  Additionally, now I have quite a bit of room for when the new spring and summer clothes come out 🙂

7 thoughts on “Closet Purge

  1. Whoa, if only we were the same size! I used to keep everything too, the annoying two words “just incase” always popped into my mind when organizing closets. But I love getting rid of things now, and that goes for everything in the house. I have to do a post-pregnancy purge soon, I can finally get rid of my maternity wear! And I have tons of graphic tees I should let go of, wearing an Oscar the Grouch tee nowadays makes me look like a teen mom.

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