Updated Task List

I am making some decent progress on my original task list:

  1. Do a ‘stuff’ purge – complete
  2. De-clutter the open shelving in the kitchen – complete
  3. Create a feature wall in the living room – complete
  4. Reconfigure the basement – in progress (look for a blog post in the next couple weeks!)
  5. Toilet train my toddler – in progress and probably will be for the next few months or so

Since I’m doing so well, I’ve decided to add some new items!

1. Update the artwork in E’s room
Switching up artwork is one of my favourite ways to change up the decor in a room. It doesn’t need to be costly and there are plenty of DIY projects out there for inspiration. I am planning on covering some frames with fabric and using wooden letters to embellish my project.

2. Personalize the girls’ bedroom doors
I’m really excited for this project because I will get to have some fun with being creative. I haven’t entirely figured out what I’m going to do although I’ve got some great ideas to sift through. I know I want to do something that will allow the girls to express themselves and personalize their space.

3. Update the storage under the bathroom sink
We currently have a two tiered shelf in our bathroom cabinet but the space still looks messy. I want to better organize the space by using stacking bins to benefit from the vertical space available.

4. Create an ‘organization station’ for the kitchen
I have some extra wall space in our kitchen that I want to utilize to create our family’s command centre. What does this mean? The go-to space for family organization: lists, schedules, menu planning, important documents, etc. This is the project that will require the most planning. Because I want something that is going to really work for my family and make our lives easier, I need to first figure out what it is that we need! I’m excited for this project because I truly believe it will create more efficiency in my home life.

5. Update the kitchen pantry
We have a small closet-like space in the kitchen which serves as a pantry. We are currently using it as a holding space for anything and everything. There is an entire shelf housing renovation materials even though the kitchen reno was 2.5 years ago! It’s time to clean it out and take advantage of the extra storage space.

Be sure to check out my Task List page for project timelines and status updates!

9 thoughts on “Updated Task List

  1. Wow, your progress is intimidating! Great job!

    I’ve been wanting to decorate the nursery since before M was born, but since she was early the decor is so plain in here. I ordered some wall stickers from Etsy and I want to sew a purple letter M for the door (and by that I mean “ask my mom to” lol). Let us know what ideas you come up with! Looking forward to seeing the finished products.m

    • Thanks! Let me know if you need any help with decorating your nursery (coming up with ideas or actually executing them). I love this kind of stuff!

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  6. FYI – For your kitchen command centre project:


    A coupon for $5 deals at Kitchen Stuff and Plus this weekend. They have this included:


    Maybe it could be helpful?

    Hope you’re doing well! It seems like it 🙂

    • Thanks Jenn! I love that! Surprisingly I never even thought to look at kitchen supply stores for organizational stuff. Here’s hoping I can score one for $5!

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