DIY Fabric Artwork

I am already behind the timelines I set out for myself with my most recent task list. I came down with a cold last week that knocked me right out of commission. In addition to the general blahs that come along with being sick, I also wasn’t sleeping. I was exhausted and any spare time I had where I wasn’t looking after the girls was spent in my bed!

All that to say that here is my most recent project – only 5 days late.

I wanted to change the artwork in E’s room. Before she was born, I quickly pulled something together that looked nice and served its decorative purpose:

DIY Fabric Artwork Before

DIY fabric artwork before: a little blah

After living with it for a few months, I decided I wanted something different. Switching up artwork is one of my favourite ways to change up the decor in a room. It doesn’t need to be costly and there are plenty of DIY projects out there for inspiration.

I had a few extra frames kicking around so I decided to cover them with fabric and then embellish the design with wooden letters:

DIY Fabric Artwork After

DIY fabric artwork after: colourful, fun and full of personality!

The new design is much more fun and radiates personality. Best of all? I did it myself and it didn’t cost a lot.

The first step is you find your frames. As I mentioned, I already had frames that weren’t being used so check the basement first! Also, look into second-hand stores or dollar stores. Because the frames are being covered, they don’t need to look pretty. Definitely think outside the box on this one. You can also use canvas, styrofoam, or shoe box lids!

Next, find some fabric. I loooooooove visiting Fabricland. It’s a great place to get colour inspiration and they always seem to have a sale going on. I knew I wanted something with blue and pink because of the existing colours in the room. I didn’t want to paint the room or purchase new accessories to match the artwork. You can also use paper for this step: wrapping paper, scrapbook paper or kraft paper. Find some colours you love and a design that works for you and go with it!

The next step is to attach your fabric to your frames. I used a staple gun but spray adhesive or a glue gun can also be used.

Next, figure out your layout. Play around until you find something you like.

Lastly, embellish your artwork as you see fit. I used wooden letters (attached with a glue gun) that I already had (a dollar store find last spring). Use your imagination! Think ribbon, beads, buttons or fabric flowers. Here are some other DIY artwork projects that I think look fantastic but could be done on the cheap:


DIY artwork using paper and styrofoam

DIY artwork using buttons

DIY artwork using buttons


DIY artwork using fabric and letters


DIY silhouette artwork


DIY artwork using frames and letters

Good luck with your DIY artwork projects and remember to have fun and be creative!

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