Date Night

There are times throughout the year when my husband’s job is very demanding and he is required to work a lot. I’m talking 12-15 hour days, including weekends, for weeks at a time. His current record is working 30 hours straight. Trust me when I say I am not bragging!

Thankfully, his last round of participation in the ‘Office X Games’ wrapped in January. For the last few weeks, he’s been doing the ‘family man’ thing and totally rocking it. He spends time with the girls, contributes to household chores and gives me the opportunity to have a social life. We even have one-on-one time after the girls go down for the night although we usually spend this eating dinner in front of the tv.

Earlier this week however, we went out for, wait for it, a date! I couldn’t tell you the last time we went on a date… probably before E was born last May! Oh, and not only did we have a nice dinner, M also brought me flowers!

Roses from the hubby

Roses from the hubby

We were able to take advantage of Winterlicious before it wrapped on February 7th. For anyone not familiar with the event (or based in Toronto), Winterlicious is a food festival where participating restaurants from across the city offer prix fixe menus at discounted prices. This year, there were 191 restaurants which participated.

We went to 7 Numbers on the Danforth (between Chester and Broadview). The restaurant is a small, family run Italian place with great ambience, service and, of course, food. I had the calamari (good, not great), duck leg with Brussels sprouts (amazing), and the mousse for dessert (delicious way to finish off the meal). M had the meatball bruschetta, steak with mixed greens and the lemon tart – all of which were delicious. Best of all? They gave us coupons for $20 off our next visit! As for the company? I can’t complain 🙂

2 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Aw, flowers too! 😀

    Thanks for the review on 7 Numbers, I’ve never been. Sorry we couldn’t figure out a Winterlicious date, but Avery’s off after next week so we can try again, even if it’s just dinner in the hood!

    We planned a family date night on Valentine’s Day at… sushi, haha. We want to leave M at my mom’s for a night sometime soon so we can have a proper date night… But I’ll probably be a total mess and miss her too much again.

    • We definitely need to do a mums only dinner when Avery is off work. And a coffee date, and a shopping trip and a whatever else we can fit in! Enjoy your Valentine’s sushi. Sounds delish!

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