Reconfiguring the Basement: Playroom Update

Living in a 90 year old bungalow means we need to use the limited space we have to its fullest capacity. Thankfully, we have a finished basement which doubles our square footage. Unfortunately, the space just wasn’t getting used as much as it should because of a lack of functionality.

When we first moved in over 4 years ago, we used the back corner of the basement as our office area. When our family expanded and our priorities shifted, the space morphed into a play area but the desk remained. The space was cluttered and not ideal.

Playroom Before

Playroom before: cluttered and messy

To increase the functionality of the space, we moved the desk somewhere else (future blog post alert!) and shifted around some toy storage. We also added in a seating area because we had some comfy armchairs kicking around.

Playroom After

Playroom after: more space and more storage

While the new space is a vast improvement, it still isn’t perfect. Moving forward, I think the best plan of attack is to live with the updates as-is for the next few weeks and then determine what else needs to be done to the space to make it just right!

One thought on “Reconfiguring the Basement: Playroom Update

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