Back to Work Prep

I recently finalized my arrangements for heading back to work in May. While that seems like so far away because it is only February, I have less than 3 months left on my maternity leave. Eeep!

That being said, I am looking forward to going back. I love my job and I love the organization I work for. I am excited about using different parts of my brain than I do caring for a 9 month old, and also being productive in a different sense of the word. Plus, they pay me for my planning and organizational skills 🙂

While I am still checking off items from my most recent task list, I am also implementing a ‘back-to-work’ to-do list because there are a few things I would like to accomplish before heading back.

Go back-to-work shopping
After my big closet purge earlier this year, I really shouldn’t be buying more stuff but I really do need some need work-appropriate clothes. I will be posting my shopping list (and budget!) in a few days.

Plan some outfits
This item definitely reflects how much of a nerd I am.  Remember those kids who would pick out their outfit for the first day of school days in advance? I was way worse than that. I would have my outfits for the first couple weeks planned ahead of time and I would also document what I wore and when so I wouldn’t repeat an outfit. I am awesome 🙂

While I will certainly have fun and enjoy this task, I am also doing so for reasons of practicality. My mornings are going to be frantic with trying to get everyone up, ready and out the door by 7:30. I don’t need outfit selection slowing me down.

Figure out a new household budget
Going back to work means I will be getting my full-time income back and more money coming in every month. On the flip side, I will also have additional daycare fees to factor in. I need to take a look and what is coming in and going out each month and make sure everything is in the right place!

Get on board with meal planning
The last thing I want to do after a full day at work is to get home and have to scramble to get food on the table (that isn’t grilled cheese, pizza or Kraft Dinner). My goal is to plan out a weeks worth of dinners at a time and ensure I have all the ingredients on hand for something delicious, nutritious and homemade!

Have a spa day
It goes without saying that work can be stressful – especially after being off for a year. In preparation for this, I would love to pamper myself with a manicure, pedicure and a massage. I’ve earned it! Plus, I have a voucher!

Anything else I’ve missed?

5 thoughts on “Back to Work Prep

  1. Great tips! I’ll be following this list to prep for my back-to-work mayhem. I know for us we’ll have to do a test run a week before. Oh, and I’ll need a metropass again. Which spa do you have a voucher to?

    • Doing a test run is a great idea. There will probably be more than a few late mornings in those first few weeks! My voucher is for a spa in Yorkville. I don’t remember the name offhand.

      • I’m going to tell my boss to expect some tardiness for the first month, lol.

        Do you want to go to the spa in Yorkville instead of the rushed mani/pedi? I’ve been meaning to visit the place where I used to work anyway.

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