Back to Work Shopping List

Recently I created a secondary to-do list that I plan to work on concurrently with my house/organizing project task list.

This new list is a series of tasks I would like to accomplish before I go back to work at the end of my maternity leave in a few months.

One of the first items on this list (and that which will probably be the most fun to complete) is back-to-work shopping. I should probably preface this post by saying that I love shopping. It doesn’t matter if it’s clothing for the girls, toiletries for M or groceries and household items, for me, shopping is both exciting and relaxing all at the same time.

As a result of 2 pregnancies in the last 3.5 years (and the continually changing body that comes with gaining close to 50 pounds each time around), I haven’t done much clothing shopping for myself. Buying necessities like socks, maternity pants and nursing tops just isn’t the same as seasonal fashions or trendy accessories.

While it will probably not be difficult for me to go overboard, I am going to try and be smart about this. This means creating a list and a budget and planning to stick to both.

Here are the items I’m looking for and how much I want to spend on each:

1. A coral blazer – $40
The colour is so fresh and a blazer is quite versatile. Paired with a t-shirt and jeans, it lends to a perfect weekend look. Add a few baubles and a great pair of pumps and you are ready for a night out. Oh, and of course it can be worn to the office with trousers and a ruffled blouse.

2. A white button down – $20
Again, another piece that can be worn casually or in the office. I’m looking for something a bit more elaborate than the standard Oxford.

3. A black maxi skirt – $25
I’m a little concerned about being able to find this item in the right length. Not only am I tall but my legs are long (I know, awful problem to have). I need something that isn’t going to cut my legs at an awkward length and look silly.

4. A white tulle skirt – $25
This is definitely a ‘just for fun’ item that I don’t think I’ll get a ton of use out of. Therefore, I don’t want to spend too much money. If I can’t find something within my budget, I’ll move on and cross it off my list.

5. A couple work appropriate dresses – $35 (x 2)
GreySleevelessDress GreenBlueStrippedDress
I love a pretty dress and I can never have enough. However I’m looking for something more corporate than summer bbq (or something that can easily transition from summer bbq to corporate with a blazer and some heels).

6. A white cardigan – $25
I’m looking for an embellished piece (with ruffles or lace) that can work as a cover up or a stand alone item.

7. White pants – $35
Another item where sizing may be an issue. I’m not as concerned with the length – I can roll them for summer – but a good fit at the waist is a must. After 2 kids, I appreciate a higher waisted pant and unfortunately the ‘mom jean’ look isn’t exactly the go-to fashion these days.

8. A few pairs of dressy flats – $20 (x 3)
SteveMaddenFlats KateSpadeFlats
Shoes are a favourite of mine. They can as easily change up an outfit as they can fade into the background and allow another piece to shine. When it comes to summer footwear, I would rather have quantity over quality. I’m looking for inexpensive shoes (that will still last a couple seasons) with fun details like patterns, bows or pretty, shiny things.

9. A large purse/tote bag
MichaelKorsJetSetTote MichaelKorsHamiltonToteBrown MichaelKorsHamiltonTote
This is where I am looking to splurge. I have a credit from the Michael Kors store and I’m looking forward to buying something designer that will look polished and sophisticated.

So, not including the tote, I’m looking at a $300 budget. Let’s hope I find some deals… my MasterCard will thank me!

2 thoughts on “Back to Work Shopping List

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