Reconfiguring the Basement: TV Area Update

Updating the basement is taking much more time and effort than I originally anticipated.  As a result, all of my other projects are behind schedule.

The basement started as a 2 part project: update the playroom and create a new office area.  To move the office area, I needed to first de-clutter a wall of bookshelves to create a functional space for a desk.  Once I started, I realized I had a lot of stuff on those shelves that needed new homes.

We decided to expand our tv unit to create some room for all of our media (thank goodness for Ikea’s modular pieces that can easily be added onto!)

I wasn’t planning on writing a post about the updates to the tv area but with all the effort that went into the change, I decided to show it off!


TV area before: a bit of a mess and not being utilized effectively


TV area after: better utilization of the shelf space and prettier styling

I’m hoping to have the office area set up by the end of the weekend and then I can get back on track with my other projects!

One thought on “Reconfiguring the Basement: TV Area Update

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