Ikea Wish List

I am so behind on my most recent task list but I am full of excuses… I was sick, the basement reconfiguration is taking way longer than expected, I’m channelling my efforts into potty training L, I’m waiting for supplies to arrive in the mail, the weather is too cold to spray paint, etc., etc., etc.

I did however get one step closer to finishing up the new office area in the basement after a trip to Ikea the other day.

Ikea is one of my favourite stores to visit. I love looking at all the stylized rooms they have on display and getting new and exciting home decor ideas. Plus, making your way from the entrance to the exit is a great walking workout!

Even though we don’t really need any new furniture and we don’t have extra cash kicking around to buy new stuff, I still compiled a wish list for future reference!

1. Hemnes TV storage
I’m picturing this in my living room. We already have the bottom tv stand piece so we’re 25% there!

2. Bygel kitchen cart
With a small kitchen, a cart would be great for creating more storage and counter top space. And the wheels make it mobile which is an added bonus.

3. Liatorp sofa table
This sofa table would be great in an entry way. It is narrow enough to not entirely take over a space but still provides a stylish place to put keys, mail, your phone and sunglasses.

4. Strandmon wingback chair
The last thing we need in our house in another armchair. However, I love the clean lines and traditional look of this one.

5. Liatorp pedestal table
This item is definitely for the future and another house with more space. We don’t have an eat-in kitchen and we just bought a new dinning room set a little over a year ago.

Here’s hoping I can get M on board for at least a couple of these items!

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