Letter Activity Tray

With 2 young kids, it is impossible for me to give 100% to both girls at once.  And of course they usually both need/want my attention at the exact same time.

I love activities that can keep one (or both!) entertained without me needing to facilitate. Even better if they are inexpensive and educational!

Here’s one that my preschooler loves: magnetic letter tray (credit goes to We Can Do All Things)

Step 1: Gather Supplies


Supplies needed: cookie sheet, magnetic letters, permanent marker

Tip: check your local dollar store for supplies

Step 2: Create


Use marker to write letters on the cookie sheet

Tip: use the magnetic letters to figure out spacing before you start writing with the marker

Step 3: Enjoy!


Match up the letters

Tip: this is great for an on-the-go activity too (like in the car!)

3 thoughts on “Letter Activity Tray

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