The Diaper Bag: Version 2.0

Before L was born, I wasn’t overly concerned with the diaper bag.  I just figured that with the exception of different patterns and colours, they were all the same.  This is why I didn’t mind handing off the task of purchasing one to a family member who offered.  We ended up with a really good bag: it was compact with a decent amount of storage space, it was neutral so my husband didn’t mind carrying it around and it was easy to clean.

When E entered the picture, I assumed I’d need a larger bag because there would be double the stuff.  A new bag was purchased and my old bag eventually made its way to my (then) pregnant sister-in-law.

There are many ways in which being a second time mom is different.  For me, the diaper bag has become obsolete when it is just E and I.  I usually just bring a couple diapers, a travel pack of wipes and a disposable change pad.  If our outing is going to be long enough to involve a meal for E, I bring the big diaper bag because I need somewhere to store food, snacks and a sippy cup.

I needed a better solution.  Enter the diaper bag: version 2.0.


My new diaper bag

I can fit everything I need in here including my stuff so I don’t need to carry 2 bags.  Plus it looks stylish and the coral colour is great for the warmer weather.

The first side pocket holds a make up case with all of the diapering essentials: diapers, wipes, change pad.


Side pocket #1

The second side pocket holds all of my necessities: phone, wallet, and a case with all of my other must haves.  Putting all these items in a contained pouch makes switching purses super easy.


Side pocket #2

The main pocket holds everything else I may need for a few hours out: lunch and snacks for E, a bib, a spoon, hand sanitizer, sunscreen and her sippy cup.


Roomy main pocket

This bag is quite spacious.  I could even use it when going out with both girls because there is more than enough room for some of L’s stuff.

The purse is from Winners and cost $49.99.  A worthwhile investment considering it can transition back to a purse when I no longer need a diaper bag.





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