Organizing the Kitchen Pantry

Our house, being almost 100 years old, lacks storage space.  We have 2 closets in the entire house and they are in the girls’ rooms.  Although, there is a closet-like space in our kitchen that serves as a pantry.  Unfortunately, up until a couple days ago, this space wasn’t being utilized effectively.


Pantry before: a holding space for things without a home

Also, the space just outside the pantry wasn’t organized either.


Pantry entryway before: cluttered and a bit of a safety hazard with everything on the floor

The first thing that needed to happen was a clean out.  All the construction materials from our kitchen reno 2.5 years ago needed to find a new home and I had to dump any expired food.

Next, I needed a plan.  What was staying in the pantry?  What did I want to bring into the pantry from somewhere else?  How would everything be organized?  In this case, I went with bins, sticky hooks and an adjustable shelving unit (which was under our bathroom sink prior to that organizing project).  The bins and hooks came from my local dollar store so this project was cost effective.


Pantry after: plastic bins allow for easy sorting and storage

As for the space outside the pantry, everything had to come off the floor (with the exception of the cat’s food and water).  All of the items found a place either on a pantry shelf or on one of the new sticky hooks.

Pantry entryway after: neat and tidy

Pantry entryway after: neat and tidy

3 thoughts on “Organizing the Kitchen Pantry

  1. Love the way you are using your space. Our home, built in the 50’s has small closets and I’m trying to use that space wisely. I think sometimes it is a blessing to have small storage spaces, makes you think what you really need, what you use. I think most people tend to fill up whatever space they have. Keep up the great work and I love our Dollar Tree. It is just amazing. God Bless!!

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