Buy ‘n’ Brag: Canvas Baskets

I’ve decided to start my first regular ‘feature’ on the blog: Buy ‘n’ Brag. Be it a good deal, a great product or just something I want to show off, this will be my opportunity to share something amazing I’ve recently purchased.

My inaugural items for Buy ‘n’ Brag are these canvas baskets:

Buy ‘n’ Brag: pink canvas baskets for L’s room

Buy ‘n’ Brag: pink canvas baskets for L’s room

What makes them so great?

1. Great for storage. If you’ve been reading about the organizing projects I’ve completed since starting my blog, you know that I love any form of baskets/bins/boxes/containers. They do a great job of hiding mess but don’t really require any intensive clean up. Just dump your clutter in a bin and it is hidden away from view. I am using them in my kitchen, pantry, basement, bathroom and living room.

2. The colours couldn’t have been any more perfect for the scheme in L’s room.

3. They were from Dollarama and only set me back $2 a piece! I was recently at Target (excited sidebar: so happy to finally have Target here in Canada!) and did a price comparison. They had very similar ones (if not the exact same) for $7.99. That’s a savings of $6 per basket. Since I bought 6, I saved $36! I used the money I saved to buy some fun (and inexpensive!) gifts for the girls’ Easter egg hunt this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Buy ‘n’ Brag: Canvas Baskets

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