DIY Silhouette Artwork/Memo Holder

Here is a great DIY project that looks great but also has a purpose:

DIY Silhouette Artwork and Memo Holder

DIY Silhouette Artwork and Memo Holder

Use the clip to hold a photo, your shopping list or a bill to be paid.  When not in use, you still have a beautiful piece of artwork!  Here’s how to make it:

Step 1: Gather your materials

Here’s what I used:

  • Picture frame
  • 3 different kinds of decorative paper (1 for the matting, 1 for the border, 1 for the display area)
  • Silhouette image (not shown)
  • Clamping paper clip
  • Crafting equipment: scissors, pencil, ruler, spray adhesive, glue gun

Step 1.5: Prepare your frame (if necessary)
I had some extra frames kicking around so it made sense to use one of these rather than buy something new.  I spray painted mine a metallic silver.

Step 2: Cut your paper to size

Here are the measurements I used:

  • Matting (patterned paper) – 8” x 11”
  • Border (black paper) – 5.5” x 7.5”
  • Display (silver paper) – 5” x 7”

Step 3: Find your silhouette

I actually made 4 of these frames (to be used in an upcoming project) – 2 for each of my daughters.  L has recently entered the princess phase and I have decided to embrace it.  I used Disney princesses for my silhouettes.  I printed a black silhouette onto white paper and then cut it out.  I intentionally made the silhouette larger than the display area because I only wanted to use the top portion.

Step 4: Put it all together

The silhouette gets glued to the display paper which gets glued to the border which gets glued to the matting.  I used spray glue for this step (outside!)

Step 5: Glue the clip to the frame

I decided to stick the clip onto the frame but you can also stick it directly onto the glass if you would prefer.

Step 6: Admire your handiwork!

12 thoughts on “DIY Silhouette Artwork/Memo Holder

    • Thanks Kristen! I’m not a fan of themed decor so this is a great way to work in some princess elements without going all out.

    • You know your Disney Princessses! Bonus marks for Aurora and not Sleeping Beauty 🙂 Thanks for sharing on your blog!

      • I don’t know if that’s impressive or kind of sad, haha. We should totally plan a trip to Disneyworld for 2018 when the littlest ones have a decent memory. Put it on your travel plan 😉

      • We’re aiming for a 2017 Disney cruise. Hopefully 4.5 years will be long enough to save the ridiculous amount of money we’ll need for the 4 of us to go, lol.

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