Buy ‘n’ Brag: Silver Initial Necklace

This ‘Buy ‘n’ Brag’ was actually a gift from my good friend Queenie whom I have known for many, many years.

Queenie and I first became friends back when we were little kids.  We lost touch after her family moved to another part of the city but thanks to facebook, we reconnected a few years ago.  Coincidentally, shortly after we got back in touch, she moved into the same neighbourhood where I was living.  The next coincidence?  We both got pregnant around the same time and had our daughters 5 days apart.  We’ve been sharing a maternity leave for the last 11 months and she’s since become one of my dearest friends.  Love you!

So now back to the ‘Buy ‘n’ Brag’!  It is a beautiful sterling silver necklace with an engraved pendant.  What does it say?  ‘ELM’ of course!


Buy ‘n’ Brag: Silver Initial Necklace

On a side note, be sure to check out Queenie’s blog at

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