Backyard Brainstorming

I do not like my backyard for several reasons:

  1. Each year, a little bit more of our grass gets replaced by weeds (despite using several weed control tactics and planting new seed)
  2. Our fences are awful.  We have a cedar fence along the back which leaning inwards thanks to the neighbours behind us who have piled a bunch of crap against it.  We have a metal fence along the side which does little for privacy as it isn’t that tall.  Also, it doesn’t stop our neighbour’s weeds from growing through (apparently I have some crappy neighbours who don’t care much for exterior maintenance).
  3. The garage is falling apart.  Our first summer in the house, we spent thousands of dollars to fix up our detached garage with a new side wall and roofing.  Unfortunately the roof still bows and now the garage door doesn’t open (or close) properly.
  4. There isn’t much to look at and enjoy.  We don’t have any landscaping… no trees, no shrubs, no flowers.

Well, this is going to be the year I do something about it!  I’m going to give my backyard a temporary makeover.  I say temporary because I don’t want anything I put into place to be too permanent.  M and I have started having conversations about what happens next in regards to our living situation and if we stay in our house or move.  A couple of the options we are exploring are putting a second story on our bungalow or tearing down and building new (both very popular in our neighbourhood).  I don’t want to dump a bunch of money into the backyard (for example building new fences or putting in a deck) only to have it replaced in a few years because it won’t work with the new house structure.

I’m going to focus on 3 areas: furniture, landscaping and decor.

Furniture: either go all out ($1000 outdoor sectional) or super cheap ($20 plastic Muskoka chairs).  While I love the look of an elaborate outdoor seating area, I’m leaning towards the latter.  I think something big may overwhelm our small backyard.  If I go cheap, I can try it out for the summer and if needed, upgrade at the end of the season when stores are clearing out their stock.




Landscaping: container gardening so I can easily move things around (I have a tendency to change my find frequently!)  I already have some cheap plastic pots in various sizes which I am going to paint and (try to) make look high end.  As for plants, I want something pretty and low maintenance!




Decor: lighting, artwork and textiles




I’ve got a pseudo plan in my head so now to get working!  I’m hoping to have this project complete before E’s first birthday party, where we will be spending some time outside!

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