New Fashion Feature Launch: 3 C’s

I’ve been wanting to integrate some fashion elements into my blog for a couple months now (although I’ve only been blogging since January so I guess that isn’t saying much 🙂 )

This feature has a bit of a back story that all started with a denim shirt.  After one of my marathon Pinterest sessions last fall, I was determined to integrate a denim shirt into my wardrobe.  I found one that was perfect… the colour was great at the fit was fantastic.  While I wore the shirt a lot, I found I was always wearing it the same way… with a chunky scarf, a pair of leggings and boots.  I needed some other options that were trendy, comfortable and easy to pull off.

I figured if I was feeling this way about items in my closet, I’m sure others were feeling the same and the idea for this feature was born.  I wanted to take common clothing items and show how to wear them 3 different ways: Casual, Corporate and Chic – the 3 C’s!


The casual look is relaxed and laid-back: visits to the grocery store, taking your kids to play dates or summer afternoon bbqs.

The corporate look is work appropriate: tailored, clean and smart.

The chic look is stylish and fashion forward: brunch with the in-laws, dinner with your partner or drinks with your girlfriends.

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