Entryway Tidy

I’ve said it before but we live in a small house. So small, that our front door opens directly into our living room. No foyer, no front hall, not even a closet.

I tried to update the space a little while back to create the feeling of a separate entryway. I added hooks on the wall, a storage bench, a shoe rack and a small bookcase to visually divide the area from the living room. This worked for a while but we apparently just have too much stuff!

In addition to all the coats, shoes, hats and bags, we also have to factor in space for a bucket car seat (which won’t be for much longer) and 2 strollers (one of which is huge).

I needed to revamp the space for both function and aesthetics and I had a great excuse with E’s birthday party this weekend. Lots of people would be seeing the space so it needed to look great!

Here was the entryway before:


Entryway before: welcome to our living room


Entryway before: cluttered and too much stuff

My plan of attack:

  1. Transfer all the winter gear downstairs
  2. Downsize our shoe collection
  3. Find somewhere new to park the strollers that isn’t in the way
  4. Create storage for all of our bags
  5. Find a better small storage solution (keys, sunglasses, wallets, etc.)

Entryway after: a bit of reconfiguration


Entryway after: much more space!


Entryway after: the clutter is contained

I started with moving the winter coats, hats and mitts downstairs and also finding a new place to store our shoes.  As a result of limiting the number of shoes at the front, I was able to utilize a smaller shoe rack which sits nicely on our ‘bench’.  The shelving unit that used to be in front of the door was moved to where the shoe rack used to be which opened up a new spot to keep the big stroller.

The shelves were cleared out and any non-essential items were moved elsewhere.  This left an open shelf where we could keep our bags.  As for small storage, I had a container with 3 compartments which was perfect for holding all the little things that come out of your pockets when you come in the door.  I get a compartment, M gets a compartment and the girls get a compartment.  The container is shallow enough that it fits nicely on the shelf under the mirror.  I also utilized a 3 tiered paper holder for important documents.  The first tray is for items that require action (e.g., bills to be paid, invitations to RSVP to, letters to be mailed), the second is for items that need to be filed, and the third is for documents to be shredded.

One of the best parts of this project was that I didn’t buy anything new! I either repurposed items that were already in the space or utilized items from other areas of the house.

5 thoughts on “Entryway Tidy

  1. Looks amazing! We’re staying in a really cramped space for the next month. I can’t wait to have an entryway back. You made the space look really clean and tidy. -Tabitha

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