Cleaning Routine Revamp

I’ve decided it’s time to revamp my cleaning routine. What used to work was a couple hours of dedicated cleaning time once a week with 5 or 6 loads of laundry spread over the weekend.

Now with 2 little ones plus a full-time job, that isn’t going to work anymore. First off, it is very unlikely that I ever have a significant amount of time to myself in which to do chores. Second off, do I really want to spend my ‘free’ time cleaning the house? Not really!

While the ideal plan would involve a cleaning lady, this isn’t the route I’m taking (although ask me again in a few months!) I’ve decided to break up my cleaning routine so that I’m only doing one or two chores each day. I’m hoping that 15 minutes (or so) each day will keep things respectable while freeing up my weekend time.

Also, because I’m a very visual person (and looking at the dust bunnies in the corner of my living room doesn’t count), I’m planning to create a dry-erase checklist for my kitchen command centre. 2 lists actually: 1 for daily or weekly chores and 1 for monthly or seasonally chores.

To start, I needed to pull together a list of all the chores that should be getting done around the house and how frequently.  Here’s my breakdown:


  •  general tidy
  • wipe down counters and stove
  • dishwasher (empty, load)
  • dishes
  • pack lunches
  • kitty litter
  • green bin/garbage/recycling
  • laundry


  • dust
  • spray appliances exteriors
  • clean toilet
  • scrub tub
  • sweep
  • swiffer
  • vacuum
  • meal planning
  • wipe baseboards
  • monitor finances
  • wash sheets
  • wash towels


  • wipe mirrors
  • clean electronic screens
  • mop
  • shredding
  • filing
  • wash duvet cover
  • wash mattress pad
  • backup photos
  • clean appliance interiors
  • clean makeup brushes
  • polish wood


  • clean windows
  • wash pillows
  • clean out closets
  • go through toys/books
  • clean out baskets
  • thrift store donations
  • clean jewellery

Now that the planning’s done, I going to pair these lists with some snazzy graphics and put them to use!

Stay tuned for some templates later in the week!

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