Birthday Book Preview

A few months before E’s first birthday, I came across a great idea on Pinterest that I wanted to use for her birthday book.  It was a personalized alphabet book which included photos of baby with items that start with each letter of the alphabet.  I was sold!  Upon planning for this activity, I came to the realization it was a HUGE undertaking.  This didn’t only mean 26 pictures, it meant 26 poses.  For every picture of the girls I keep, there are at least 3 others I’ve deleted (oh the joys of digital cameras!)  There was no was I was going to be able to keep E stationary(ish) for over a hundred photos.  Oh, and because I am the furthest thing from a professional, I wanted to do all the pictures at once because there would be no way I could replicate the environmental conditions (e.g., lighting, shadows, etc.) and I wanted consistency.

Thanks to a brainstorm with a girlfriend of mine (who was also making a personalized ABC photo birthday book for her daughter), I decided to modify the idea slightly.  Rather than using all the letters in the alphabet, I would spell out ‘Happy Birthday’.  The general idea is still there but it wouldn’t be as much of a to-do.  So I rigged up a photo shoot in my backyard using a bed sheet on the laundry line and snapped away.

After a bit of editing (if you aren’t familiar with the free editing services at, check them out NOW), here are the first set of shots.

H is for hat A is for abacus P is for picture P is for purse Y is for yellow

I am so happy with how these turned out and can’t wait to get the book printed!  I will post the remaining images once I get through all the editing.

10 thoughts on “Birthday Book Preview

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    • Thanks so much! And thanks for checking out my blog! We got the activity cube a couple years ago from Toys R Us but it doesn’t look like they sell it anymore. In addition to the abacus, there is also a xylophone, magnetic white board and 2 different bead mazes. It is a neat toy!

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