Remembering Accountability – Updated Task List

When I first started this blog a little over 6 months ago, one of my intentions was to document my house-related project adventures including a to-do list which would keep me accountable to finishing my tasks.

Over the last couple months, I feel as though I’ve lost that element.  With going back to work and being busier than ever, I just wasn’t accomplishing all that I wanted to at the speed I wanted to.  Now that I am back into a bit of a routine, I wanted to provide a glimpse into some upcoming projects and what I hope to achieve in the next couple months.

Here are the projects I am aiming to complete by the end of August.


  • 4 3 C’s posts
  • 2 tutorial-type posts (1 fashion-related, 1 beauty-related)

Home Decor

  • Reveal my mini backyard makeover
  • Update by dining room wall with a fun gallery treatment
  • Finally set up my kitchen command centre (which I have been talking about for months!)
  • Keep you updated on our plans to potentially renovate our house


  • Post about the menu planner I am so close to finishing
  • Create some storage for keys and sunglasses by our front entrance


  • Finishing editing the photos for E’s birthday book
  • Start a super exciting pregnancy photo documentation project (not for me!)
  • Show you how to clean a microfiber couch

Be sure to check back on Friday when I will be posting about the fantastic menu planner I made using materials from the dollar store!

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