Kitchen Command Centre Reveal

So after months of having this project on my to-do list, I can finally cross it off.  My kitchen command centre is complete and I love the organization hub I have created for my family.

Previously, the space beside our fridge wasn’t being utilized to its fullest capacity.  We had a free-standing pantry which was great for storage but there was a lot of open space that had nothing going on.

Kitchen Command Centre Before

Kitchen Command Centre Before

Originally, my intention was to create a kitchen organization station on the side of this pantry but once I started planning, I realized I was going to need more space.  The pantry was moved to the other side of the fridge and I had much more to work with!

Here is the end result and I am so pleased!  In addition to looking great and being super functional, all of my materials came from the dollar store so the project was inexpensive!


Kitchen Command Centre After

Recognize some of the elements?  Several of my recent DIYs made it into the space to help keep us organized!


DIY Menu Planner


Cleaning Checklists


Personalized Clipboards


DIY Waterfall Pocket Folder


7 thoughts on “Kitchen Command Centre Reveal

  1. Looks GREAT! You are so organized and crafty. Us, we have a whiteboard we tried to use for reminders but we always forget to look at it. We have a million post-its instead. Sigh.

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