15 Uses for Vinegar

I recently purchased a large amount of white vinegar.  I don’t really use it all that much but I got swayed by the cost/mL.  The large container was so much more cost effective than the manageable sized container.  Now I have a lot of vinegar sitting in my pantry.
I started researching all the different ways I could use the vinegar – I didn’t realize there were so many!  My list below hardly even scratches the surface.  With vinegar being so inexpensive, I am definitely trying these out!
Here are my top 15 uses for vinegar:
How do you use vinegar?

2 thoughts on “15 Uses for Vinegar

  1. any thoughts on using vinegar as a wasp spray in a sprayer that has been used with the vinegar for a weed killer – don’t want to contaminate the sprayer with anything chemical from the garden store – would like to save it just for the white vinegar – just wondering – am sick of using the store bought stuff that lasts for about four squirts and then quits…meantime the yellow jackets are really mad at you…

    • I didn’t know that vinegar also works as a wasp spray. Apparently you just need to mix equal parts vinegar and water. Haven’t tried it yet… thankfully we don’t have too many wasps in our yard!

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