Guess Who’s Expecting…

It’s my good friend Jenn! Sorry for the letdown to anyone who thought it may be me 🙂

So, why is this relevant to my blog?

  1. She is letting me photo document her pregnancy (see below!)
  2. I now have an excuse to blog about baby-related DIY projects
  3. She is going to be a guest writer for The ELM Life!

Jenn is a fellow DIY-er who doesn’t shy away from bigger projects like refinishing her kitchen cabinets or building a shed in her backyard.  Spoiler alert: her first post will be about a dresser she refinished for the nursery.  Stay tuned!

On to the pregnancy photos…

During pregnancy, I think it’s a great idea to take pictures of your growing baby bump.  You can compare your growth month to month and you will also have the photos to reflect on when your little baby is all grown up.  Lately I’ve been seeing some really creative spins on this and one of my faves is adding text and graphics to the images.  After seeing what diary of a mad crafter was doing with her pregnancy pics, I had to ask Jenn if she was interested.  She was on board and here is the big reveal of her first pregnancy pic:

Baby W Pregnancy Announcement!

Baby W Pregnancy Announcement!

The editing of the photo was super easy using the free online tool at Pic Monkey I was able to play around with the colouring (brightness, shadows, contrast, etc.), incorporate graphics and add some stylized text.  I love the end product and thankfully, so does Jenn and her husband!

9 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Expecting…

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