Painting Pots and Vacation Update

The weather finally cooperated today and I was able to finish up some painting that has been on my to-do list for quite some time.

This project is part of my overall backyard makeover and involves jazzing up some plastic pots.

Because I didn’t want anything too permanent in the backyard, I decided to go with container gardening.  I love the look of ceramic planters but I just couldn’t justify spending $50+ per pot.  Enter cheap plastic pots from Target and spray paint!

The pots started out as nothing special.


Painting Pots DIY: Before

I bought 8 of them in various sizes and wanted to paint them different colours to match the fabric I am using for outdoor throw cushions.  In addition to the blue below, I also used yellow and red.


Painting Pots DIY: Step 1

The first step is to spray the entire pot with the spray paint.  Don’t forget to spray the inside top as well as the soil won’t be going all the way to the top.


Painting Pots DIY: Step 2

Next, I taped off the top section so I could spray the bottom another colour.  I went with a metallic spray which was a few dollars more expensive but adds some depth.


Painting Pots DIY: Step 3

After spraying the second colour, wait for it to dry and gently remove the tape.


Painting Pots DIY: After

I love how the project turned out and I know they will look great in clusters with all three pot colours and some greenery.

Here’s hoping I actually get some plants in them before summer is over!

Now for part 2 of today’s post…

Today is day one of my 11 day vacation.  M also has some time off so I am looking forward to spending some one-on-one time with him as well as some family time with the girls.  It is going to be a busy week and a half with something happening everyday.  Today’s exciting activity?  I picked up my new glasses and cut my hair to my chin.


Feeling sophisticated with new glasses and a new hair cut

Thank to everyone who was supportive of my decision to cut my hair in my last post!  Haven’t had it curly yet but I think the new length is going to save me so much time!

I’ll be checking back tomorrow to let you know what the long weekend has in store for us!

3 thoughts on “Painting Pots and Vacation Update

  1. I feel like that’s about as much garden as I’m capable of handling (I’m terrible with plants and the nasty things that live on/in them). Kinda wish I could ditch my huge garden out front for something like this.
    Also I lovelovelove your hair! And the glasses are so chic and so you! ♥

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