Vacation Day 4: L’s Birthday

I missed my vacation update from yesterday because we were out of town and had absolutely no access to Internet or a data network.  While it was a little chilly at the cottage, the drinks were flowing, the scenery was beautiful, and the company was delightful.

On to my day 4 update… today is L’s 3rd birthday!  While we only did a small celebration because we are having a party this coming weekend, we did keep up with a couple traditions.

When L was born, we received a beautiful wooden kid sized Muskoka chair (Adirondack chair for my American readers!)  Up until L was 2, we took monthly pictures in the chair to watch her grow.  After her second birthday, I got lazy and the pictures stopped (although I have been doing them monthly with E!).  The pics are now yearly and it is still amazing to watch how much L changes from year to year.


L’s First Birthday


L’s Second Birthday


L’s Third Birthday

Starting this year, I introduced the tradition of the birthday interview.  If I remember to keep with it, it would be neat to put every year’s answers into a scrapbook for L’s 16th birthday!

2 thoughts on “Vacation Day 4: L’s Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! I can’t believe she’s 3…

    And I’m still working on M’s ‘year one’ album… I think I’m going to give up on finishing my baby shower album at this point, lol.

    • I know! Time is going so quickly. I still haven’t finished E’s bday book or even started L’s first year book, lol.

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