Vacation Day 7: Wonderland

Well I promised a super fun day for M and I today and “Canada’s premier amusement park” didn’t disappoint.


Enjoying the photo op at Canada’s Wonderland

In the 5 hours we spent at the park, we made it on to 9 rides (8 of which were coasters), paid way too much for overpriced snacks and did a ton of walking.

Our strategy was to hit up the big guns first even though it had us running all over the park in the most inefficient way possible.  It was well worth the shorter line wait times though!


On the Vortex

By mid-day, the sun was hot, we were hungry and line times were getting a little too long for our liking… it was time to put some food in our bellies.  Because food is so expensive at the park, we decided on a snack to tide us over until we could buy lunch on the way home.

We went with an amusement park staple, the funnel cake (complete with strawberries and ice cream, of course!)  M and I shared but I could have easily polished off one of these bad boys all by myself.  It was so worth the $14 price tag and way too many calories.


I was so excited for this funnel cake!

With all the walking we did yesterday and today, I am exhausted!  I am looking forward to some foot rubs and an early night.  Oh, and we have more walking in store for tomorrow.  Check back to find out where we went.

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