Vacation Day 8: Ikea

Another vacation day, another exciting activity.  Today we went to one of my fave places ever – Ikea!  I could spend hours walking around the store, getting inspiration from their displays and creating endless wish lists.  Oh, and how could I forget the hot dogs and frozen yoghurt and the end of our shop… yum!

Remember my Ikea post from back in February?  Today I was able to purchase a couple of those items on my wish list: the Bygel Utility Cart and the Hemnes TV Storage Combination.

We were already using the Hemnes TV Bench in our living room so I wanted to get the entire unit to increase our storage capabilities.  Unfortunately they didn’t have the bridging shelf that goes across the top in stock but I’m not complaining about having to go back in a few weeks 🙂


Figuring out my plan of attack

The kitchen cart took no time to assemble and was placed in some dead space in our kitchen.  I haven’t styled it yet but when I do there will surely be a blog post about it!


Added storage in the kitchen using a cart

As for the shelves, they have also been assembled and set up in the living room but not yet styled.  Another blog post for the future!


Book shelves for the living room

Tomorrow’s another busy day so be sure to check back!

3 thoughts on “Vacation Day 8: Ikea

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