Vacation Day 9: L’s Birthday Party

Yesterday was L’s birthday party.  I wish I had some great DIY decorations to share or yummy kid-friendly recipes to pass along but to be honest, this party was super low key.

First off, there were only 17 attendees, 6 of which were 3 and under.  Only immediate family and close friends were invites to this shin-dig which made it much more manageable.

Secondly, my parents hosted the party at their place so they took care of all of the preparations, the food and the clean up.  My parents are awesome!

Lastly, my parents have a pool in the backyard so I didn’t need to worry about facilitating activities for the kids.  Even I got in the water which doesn’t happen very often.


Posing in the pool

We swam, we ate, we enjoyed cake, we opened presents and we all got home later than we should have 🙂


L enjoying cake


So many presents!

It was a great day and everyone enjoyed themselves.

One thought on “Vacation Day 9: L’s Birthday Party

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