Buy ‘n’ Brag: Clothes for the Kiddos

This past weekend I was able to get to my favourite place to buy clothes for the kids.  Once Upon a Child is a consignment store with locations all throughout Canada and the US.  While there is one practically just down the street from me, it is small and the selection is reflective of this.  A few times a year, I make the trek to the Richmond Hill location which is about half hour north of the city.  It is large, clean and I always come away with amazing finds.  My recent trip was no exception AND I had a coupon… bonus!

In the end, I spend just under $120 but I came away with 30 items.  That works out to $4/item.  Not bad considering I buy big to stretch out the use to 2 years (and then E hopefully gets another 2 years out of the items purchased for L!)


$120 for 30 consignment items

Here’s what I bought:

  • 2 dresses
  • 6 sweaters/cardigans
  • 7 pairs of pants
  • 10 long sleeved shirts
  • 1 pair of boots
  • 2 Halloween costumes (do you see what princess L will be this year?)
  • 1 pair of snow pants
  • 1 winter coat

Here are my favourite purchases:


Sequined sweater dress: $5.20


Winter coat: $6.80


Zippered cardigan: $3.60


Buttoned jacket/cardigan: $6.00


Drawstring sweater: $2.00


Studded boots: $4.40

I heart consignment!  It makes it much easier to stay on a budget!

If you missed my original post from back in January, here are some tips for shopping consignment and buying kids’ clothes.


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