Kitchen Cart Styling

Remember the kitchen cart I recently purchased on a trip to Ikea? It has been set up and put to good use!


Bygel Utility Cart from Ikea

The cart is super functional because it creates more storage space in our small kitchen. I also wanted it to look great though. To help achieve this, I visited my local thrift store. I was able to pick up the storage baskets I used for the dish towels and dish clothes for $0.99 each (the basket on the bottom shelf was already in our basement collecting dust).


Thrift store baskets

I was also able to find the display bowl, which I’m using for our coffee pods, for only $1.99.


Pretty display bowl for coffee

are a great way to organize and de-clutter and buying them second-hand is great for a budget!

Other items now calling this kitchen cart home are our organics composting bin, the cat food, some paper towel rolls, our salt and pepper shakers, my favourite cook books (which I don’t use very often 🙂 ) and some bananas!

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