DIY Key and Sunglasses Storage

I feel like I am forever adding storage bins to my front entrance way. We seem to accumulate a lot of stuff and rather than getting rid of it or finding somewhere new for it to live, it stays at the front and I buy a new storage solution.

When I updated our entryway, I incorporated a tiered mini storage tray that was to be used for little items like keys and sunglasses. There were 3 tiers – on for me, one for M and one for the girls. M is not properly following instructions for use. He is using his bin for anything that comes out of his pockets at the end of the day: candy, his watch, receipts, points cards, etc. As a result, he has nowhere to put his keys and sunglasses! Since I appreciate that my solutions don’t always solve everyone’s problems, I am trying something new that will hopefully work: a place to hang keys and sunglasses made out of an old picture frame and some dollar store screw hooks.

This project was super easy to make and didn’t take very much time at all.

Step 1: Gather your supplies


Picture frame, screw hooks and spray paint (optional)

• A wooden frame
• A package of screw hooks (mine were from the dollar store but you can find them at any home improvement store)
• Paint/stain (if you want to change the look of your frame)

Step 2: Prep your frame


Remove the glass

Remove the glass and backing to your frame so that all you are left with is the outside border piece.

Step 3: Screw in hooks


Screw in the hooks

It is helpful to figure out your placement first by measuring. I just eyeballed which is why my hooks might seem unequally spaced.


Measure out the spacing

Step 4: Paint frame


Paint the frame before adding the hooks

This should actually be step 3 but I changed my plan partway through the project. I had originally intended to spray paint the entire frame with the hooks but once I had them screwed in, I decided I liked the look of the white. I just covered them in tin foil and then proceeded to spray the frame.

Step 4: Hang on wall


Great place to hang keys and sunglasses!

I used nails but you can also use mounting tape or adhesive hooks.

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