Friday Faves – September 13

Did you guys realize today was Friday the 13th?  I didn’t clue in until halfway through my day.  Good thing I’m not superstitious!

I was only at work until noon today and then I headed up to Michaels for a crafting extravaganza.  I bought a lot of storage solutions… photo boxes, scrapbook bins and sea grass baskets.

I’m using the materials to set up the new shelving in the living room which I hoping to post about early next week!  In the interim, here are some of the awesome things I found on Pinterest this week.

Photo Canvas


Source: Brooke Bryand Photography

How cute is this idea? I love showing off family photos and am always looking for new ways to display them.

Emerald & Leopard

Source: franish

Source: franish

I recently bought a pair a green pants but I wasn’t sure how to wear them.  I love that 2 bolds were mixed (colour + pattern) but that it doesn’t look too busy.

Floral Pillow

Source: Kirkland’s

Source: Kirkland’s

Even though we haven’t yet started our basement reno, my mind has already turned to decorating.  I love the colours in this pillow.

Painted Picnic Table

Source: Home Made Modern

Source: Home Made Modern

I don’t have a picnic table but if I did, I would certainly jazz it up with some paint!

Gift Wrap Storage

Source: ‘a casarella

Source: ‘a casarella

I totally have a couple of these plastic storage units kicking around and I am now inspired to use them more effectively!

Monogramed Sign

Source: Etsy

Source: Etsy

This artwork would be easy enough to DIY and can be modified for so many different occasions… new house, marriage, new baby.  I may be gifting a few of these in the future!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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