DIY No Sew Knotted Headband

M and I recently did another purge of our closets.  While everything we no longer need usually gets sent to a thrift store, I decided to keep an old t-shirt for a DIY project!  While I had a few options, I decided to make a couple super cute (and super easy!) no sew knotted headbands for the girls.


I’ll try to walk you though the instructions but they are a bit confusing.  Follow along with the picture but if you still get confused, please check out the tutorial I used at Love Stitched (  She uses different coloured pieces to make the knot so the instructions might be easier to follow along.

First off, pull together your materials.  I used an old t-shirt (yup… it came free in a case of beer!), scissors and a glue gun.


Next, cut off horizontal strips of fabric from your shirt.  I used 1 inch width for my first headband and 2 inches for my second.


Gently pull the fabric so the edges curl in on themselves.


Set up your first piece of material with a loop at the top.


Place your second piece of material on top of the first piece in a ‘U’ shape.


Take the bottom right piece of the first piece and pull it out from under the second piece and place it on top.


Next, take the left side of the ‘U’ piece and bring it behind the loop of the bottom piece.


Then, take the right side of the ‘U’ piece and bring it in front of the loop of the bottom piece.  Here’s where it gets tricky… that piece you just moved needs to go under the left side of the ‘U’ you just moved in the previous step (I know this sounds confusing, please see the picture!)


Now you just need to pull gently on each end and you will have a sailor knot!


To make it look a bit more finished, I took a 2 inch section of t-shirt from the bottom trim, hot glued it, and placed it around the dangling ends.  I did this on both sides.



I then cut off one of the ends so that the headband will tie with 2 single pieces rather than doubles.


For the headband I made using 2 inch widths, there wasn’t enough material at the ends to be able to tie it around the head so I added an extra piece.  First I cut off some of the excess.


Then I added a single piece between…


…and pieced it all together with a 2 inch piece of hot glued trim.


After about 15 minutes I had knotted headbands for E and L!



Like this project?  Here’s a newer no sew headband blog post:


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