Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

We have a microfiber couch in the living room and thanks to the 2 girls (and a messy husband!), it is filthy!  This couch has had a whole lot of nastiness on it and as a result of half-assed cleaning attempts, it hasn’t looked good since the day it was purchased!

I’ve come across a few different techniques for cleaning microfiber but using rubbing alcohol seems to be quite popular on Pinterest.  Since I had all the materials on hand (rubbing alcohol, a spray bottle, a scrubby sponge and a stiff bristled cleaning brush), I decided to try it out!


Cleaning microfiber with rubbing alcohol and a sponge

Here’s the process:

  1. Saturate the area to be cleaning with rubbing alcohol (from the spray bottle)
  2. Use a scrubby sponge to thoroughly rub the area
  3. Wait for the rubbing alcohol to dry
  4. Use the stiff bristled cleaning brush to ‘soften’ the fabric and remove any dark spots

If you want more details to this process, please check out the instructions on Chris and Robin’s Nest.

After trying the technique out, I was very impressed!  While the cleaning technique didn’t get out all the stains (like the really old or deep ones), it did a great job of getting rid of the majority of visual grossness.  The couch still looks 99% better!


Couch cushion before



Couch cushion after

And in case there was any doubt to the effectiveness of this technique, here are 2 sponges from the same pack.  Only the first one was used to clean and look at the colour difference!  Eww!


The dirty sponge after cleaning the couch

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