DIY $7 Necklace Holder

Up until this project, my necklaces were housed on the back of the bathroom door on an over-the-door jewellery organizer.  While it worked, it was super annoying to have the necklaces hit against the door every time it was opened or closed.  I needed something stationary that could be mounted to a wall.

As my search began, I noticed that these things were way more money than I thought they were worth and they were also big and bulky.  My DIY brain kicked in and I knew I could make something that would suit my needs, look great and also be inexpensive.

I made my necklace holder for less than $7.00!  I used a piece of hobby wood from a home improvement store ($1.21), some drawer pulls from the dollar store ($3.00 for 4), screws ($0.76 for 4), and some decorative jewels from a craft store (on sale for $2.00 for 4).  For anyone keeping track, that’s $6.97!  Here’s how I did it:

Step 1: Gather your materials


DIY Necklace Holder: Step 1

I used:

  • Piece of hobby wood
  • 4 drawer pulls
  • 4 short screws (the ones that came with the drawer pulls were too long because my wood was only ½ an inch thick)
  • 4 decorative jewels (optional)
  • Paint and foam brush
  • Drill (not shown)
  • Glue gun (not shown)

Step 2: Drill holes for your drawer pulls


DIY Necklace Holder: Step 2

Because the screws that came with the drawer pulls didn’t have a pointy end, I had to drills holes to be able to attach them.  Don’t forget to measure so your spacing is even!

Step 3: Paint your wood


DIY Necklace Holder: Step 3

This is where you can customize your piece to match your décor.  Although I considered covering the wood with fabric or scrapbook paper, I stuck with a basic antique white paint because it was going in our bedroom which already has a busy headboard.  I also watered down the paint so some of the grain would show through.

Step 4: Attach your drawer pulls


DIY Necklace Holder: Step 4

Once the paint is dry, screw in your drawer pulls to the existing holes you had drilled in step 2 using screws of the appropriate length.

Step 5: Decorate if wanted


DIY Necklace Holder: Step 5

While I was quite pleased with the look of the drawer pulls, I wanted to jazz them up just a little bit!  I added decorative jewels I found on sale at a craft store.  I used the glue gun to attach these.

There you have it!  5 easy steps and $7.00 later and I have a place to store all of my necklaces.


DIY $7 Necklace Holder

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