DIY Rustic Frame + Cottage Word Art

This weekend M, the girls and I are heading up to a family cottage for Thanksgiving.  I wanted to bring a house warming type gift and now that I’m a DIYer, I figured I could make something!

I used an old dollar store frame, sand paper, painters’ tape, paint and a foam brush.


First I sanded down the frame to give it a bit of a rustic feel.


Then I taped off the corners…


…and painted them white to add a bit of detail.


I then made the artwork in the frame using Pic Monkey.


Very fitting for the cottage, I’d say!  I used ‘Mossy’ font for the first and third lines and ‘Marcelle Script’ font for the second and last line.

You are more than welcome to use the image file if you would like but please credit it back to me.


Happy gobble, gobble weekend to all my Canadian peeps!

3 thoughts on “DIY Rustic Frame + Cottage Word Art

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