Thanksgiving Shuffle

We had intentions of heading up to the cottage this weekend for Thanksgiving (and I even made our hosts a thank you gift!) but plans had to change when M found out he had to work (and the evening before we were due to leave).  Rather than getting upset (which I was very close to doing!), I decided to make the best of it…

I had taken Friday off so that we would have an extra day at the cottage.  I decided to still use my vacation day however and head up to the Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse sale.  I had never been before but a flyer in the mail a couple week ago caught my eye.  Brand name toys and books at discount prices?  I’m in!  It was totally worth it!  I ended up spending just over $200 but that got me Christmas gifts for the girls, my niece’s Christmas gift, E’s birthday gift and birthday presents for some friends’ kids.  My favourite buys?  Disney dolls for $5 and a wooden train set for $11.  Plus it wasn’t busy because I went on a week day!

Now that we weren’t going up to the cottage, it meant no turkey!   This was completely unacceptable so we decided to invite my sister-in-law, her husband and my niece over for an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner.  I was a little nervous because I had never cooked a turkey before but it truly wasn’t that difficult!  We took care of the turkey, stuffing, dinner rolls and dessert while my rock star of a sister-in-law was generous enough to bring mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, yams and squash.

Enjoying our dinner and being grateful for amazing times with family

Enjoying our dinner and being grateful for amazing times with family

Dinner was so good and there are still plenty of leftovers even after pie for breakfast and turkey and cranberry sandwiches for lunch.

Oh, and I’m normally not a huge squash fan but my sister-in-law’s acorn squash was AMAZING!  After roasting it with olive oil, she coated it with cinnamon butter which brought out the sweetness and made my taste buds (and tummy!) very happy.

For all my Canadian peeps celebrating this weekend, Happy Thanksgiving!  And for anyone who’s not, Happy Season 4 Premier of The Walking Dead!

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