My Quest to Find Fitness: Fitwall Leaside Studio Review

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to test out a new fitness studio in Toronto thanks to my colleague, Heather, who also writes the fitness blog, RunSoulCycle.

Fitwall Leaside utilizes a vertical training system to focus on increasing muscular strength, coordination, balance, and core stability. Basically you are working out while griping a tiny ledge and balancing on a small step to incorporate as many muscles in single movements as possible.


Working out on the wall (in blue)

I was nervous leading up to my session for a couple of reasons:

  1. I haven’t exactly been active recently. I’m ashamed to say it’s been a while since I’ve gotten in a good sweat from working out. Not to mention none of my previous workout clothes fit anymore. I felt like a bum in my baggy t-shirt and old track pants cut into capris!
  2. Heather is nothing short of a fitness pro-star whose fitness resume is more than intimidating… marathon runner, indoor cycling instructor, yoga lover and triathlete. My fitness accomplishments within the last 6 months include occasionally taking the stairs rather than the elevator, chasing after the girls, and walking L to swimming!

Once I was there, I relaxed and tried to enjoy the experience as much as I could.


Mountain climbers while hooked up to resistance bands

Here’s what was good:

  • Full body workout that I was feeling for days after
  • Also a great cardio workout
  • Only half hour so easy to fit into my busy schedule
  • Small class sizes with individualized instructor attention
  • Quick 30 second intervals keep things moving

Here’s what I wasn’t digging:

  • I have sweaty hands when I workout and I wasn’t able to hold on to the ledge for long periods of time
  • No showers
  • Not a great location for driving. The area is quite busy and parking out front is hit or miss. Paid parking gets the thumbs down but there is free parking in the residential neighbourhood behind if you find a spot and don’t mind walking
  • It was really hard!

So, would I go back? Not at this stage in the game. I think I would have seen amazing results if I’d stuck with it but I’m just not there yet to be able to give it my all. I may give it another shot when I’m at a higher fitness level.

However, I would definitely recommend it to someone who loves to sweat and is looking to try something new!

3 thoughts on “My Quest to Find Fitness: Fitwall Leaside Studio Review

    • I would love to start running. It’s just a matter of finding the time and the motivation! I’m going to work on the treadmill this winter and then take it outside in the spring!

      • That’s exactly how I started! I don’t like running outside in the winter so I bought a treadmill for the basement, then by spring I was hooked and signed up for a few races. I’m excited for you!

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