Reno Updates: Into Phase 2

I am writing this post on the train on my way to Ottawa for work. As much as I love M and the girls, I am really looking forward to a night in a hotel! E hasn’t been sleeping well this past week and my body is desperate for more than 5 hours a night. Mommy problems I guess!

What is going well is phase 2 of our renos. If you recall, phase 1 was the exterior waterproofing. While we’re having a bit of an issue with a sinkhole that the company is coming back to fix, we don’t have any more water coming in when it rains. A $7,500 success, I’d say!

Phase 2 of the renos include replacing damaged drywall, removing the carpet, installing laminate and a design overhaul of the space. So far, the damaged drywall has been removed and new stuff has been put up AND it was done to appropriate standards (unlike with whoever finished the space before we bought the house).

Phase 2 progress: new drywall and part of the carpet is up

Phase 2 progress: new drywall and part of the carpet is up

Part of the carpet has been ripped up and new floor has been purchased. It is a darker brown laminate with a hint of grey. I love it!


Our new floor
Source: Lumber Liquidators

We had originally budgeted $12,000 for phase 2 of our renos (just for work and materials – not for any of the fun stuff like furniture or decorative items). We have paid about $1,500 for work and materials for the wall and $2,000 for the floor. I am confident we will come in under budget for this portion (which is good because we are now planning on purchasing a new sectional rather than repurposing the 2 couches we currently have).

M and I are spending Saturday clearing out the basement so flooring can go down next week. So exciting!

Stay tuned for a design update in the next couple weeks!

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