Halloween Party + Mommy Friends

When I first turned my thoughts to this post, I had intentions of writing about Halloween… showing off our pumpkins (but not yet carved), some DIY decorations (but not yet made), and the girls costumes (those we do have!)

After a Halloween party this morning with some mommy friends (and partners), I decided to change direction a bit.

I am so fortunate to have this group of friends. We first met each other while pregnant in the spring of 2010. The 5 of us all happened to be in the same prenatal class. After sharing stories of labours, births, and new babies via email later that summer, we decided to start getting together on a regular basis. While on maternity leave, we managed together once a week and these visits were amazing. The babies had the opportunity to socialize while the mums had the opportunity to chat, complain, ask questions, eat tasty treats and get out of the house! The support system we created was so helpful and I’m pretty sure I owe my sanity for that first winter with L to these ladies!

Once the mums headed back to work, we still managed to get together frequently. Even now, almost 3.5 years since the kids were born (and the addition of 3 more babies to the bunch), the mums still see each other once a month for dinner and all of the families get together several times a year.

One of these occasions is the annual Halloween party which is the gathering we were at this morning. As usual, the party was delightful. There were delicious snacks, necessary mimosas and great company. The kids even cooperated for the necessary annual costume photo:

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

Since we’ve been doing these get togethers for a few years now, here are some of our past photos:

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012


Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

It’s amazing to see how much they’ve grown! No longer babies and no longer toddlers, they are now full fledged little people with their own personalities. I look forward to many more Halloween photos in the future with this wonderful group of kids!

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