Reno Update: On to the Fun Stuff!

October had the potential to be a big month for the blog. With a week to go, I was very close to beating my currently record for views in a month. Then I apparently decided to drop the ball. I went the whole week without posting anything. It certainly wasn’t intentional but before I knew it my time was eaten up with work, reno stuff and family activities.

So, now it’s a new month and I plan to have some exciting projects this month!

Before that though, I wanted to give a quick reno update.

The floors are about ¾ done and are looking fantastic! Our contractor also raised up the existing baseboards slightly and added some quarter round. Such a simple concept but it gives it a custom look!


New Floors

The floors will hopefully be finished this week and then the space can be painted.

We wanted a light grey that would look neural, classic and not to dark in a basement. After picking up a few paint chips and checking out some room samples using the colours on Pinterest, we decided on Dolphin Fin by C-I-L.

I have also finalized my colour scheme: light grey, dark grey, navy blue, robin’s egg blue and butter yellow.


Source: Pinterest

I am currently sourcing out some pillow covers or curtains using these colours but am not having much success so far. I think I may paint some curtains to match the colour scheme. Stay tuned for a post!

This past weekend we also bought a new couch. We went with a dark grey section complete with a chaise.


Source: Leon’s

I’m excited to relax on this bad boy when the renos are complete!  And did I mention we got it for 20% off?  Score!

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