Pregnancy Photo: 24 Weeks

Jenn is now 24 weeks along and is looking great!  She’s really popped in the last couple weeks and I try to refrain from rubbing her belly whenever I see her.

Pregnancy Photo: 24 Weeks

Baby W: 24 Weeks

The nursery is coming along (maybe a future blog post? *hint, hint, Jenn!*) and has a super cute wildlife theme.

Also, as someone who promotes physical activity on a daily basis, it is important to note that Jenn is meeting the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines by walking 150 minutes each week 🙂

Missed Jenn’s previous pics?  Here they are!

12 weeks
16 weeks

Gender reveal

Also, Jenn did a guest post about a dresser she refinished for the nursery.  Check it out here!

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