Birthday Tracker Printable

Remember the cleaning schedule checklists I made for my kitchen command centre back in May?  Well it took until last week before M noticed there was a spelling mistake!  I’d like to blame me not noticing on being too close to the project but I’m pretty sure it has more to do with the lack of cleaning I’ve been doing recently.  While I have cleaned my house since May (many times, in fact!), I unfortunately don’t do it as frequently as I should.

Anyway, the error has now been fixed!

After living with these templates for a few months (and not really using them), I’m looking to make some updates so that I do use them (so stay tuned!)

Also, I’ve created a new template… one to track birthdays!


Birthday Tracker Printable

I personally love getting birthday cards in the mail and I want to get into the habit of sending more birthday cards to others.  While I have a spreadsheet which lists important birthdays, I need a quick reference guide and what better place than in my kitchen command centre?

I plan on printing this off and putting it in a picture frame so I can use a dry erase marker to mark the birthdays for the month that I don’t want to forget.

Thanks to Digital Freebies for the graphics.

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