Reno Update: Phase 2 Complete!

So phase 2 of our renos is pretty much complete… water damaged drywall was taken down and replaced, carpet was updated with laminate, the space was painted and we bought a new couch.  All for less than our original $12,000 budget.


Basement before

We spent $2,200 on supplies (floor, drywall and paint), $2,100 on labour, and $1,400 on the new sectional.  That brings us to (drum roll, please)… $5,700!


Basement after

In addition to new drywall, floors and paint, we’ve also reconfigured the space.  The tv is where the old office area is and the desk/soon to be crafting area is now where a couch used to be.  This makes much more sense.  Now you don’t need to walk through the tv area to access the rest of the basement and I’ll be able to see the girls in the play area if I’m DIYing at my future craft station!

So, what is left of phase 2?  The design overhaul!

This piece will probably be ongoing for the next few months or so.  I am going to live with the space for a few weeks to make sure some of the projects I have in mind are the best for the space.  Here’s what I have in mind:

  • Paint some curtains to bring in some colour
  • DIY some artwork
  • Utilize some organization strategies for the desk
  • Jazz up the playroom with a dress-up centre, an artwork display area and a reading nook
  • Set up the back area as a guest room with storage

In the interim, it’s onto phase 3: putting in a bathroom.  We were originally planning to have this completed by Christmas but I think it will probably be pushed into the new year considering it’s December in a week (where did November go?!?)  We have budgeted $15,000 for this piece of the renos and based on our amazing contractor, we shouldn’t have any trouble coming in under budget 🙂

13 thoughts on “Reno Update: Phase 2 Complete!

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