Pregnancy Photo: 28 Weeks

Jenn is now 28 weeks along and in her third (and final!) trimester.  Is it just me or is this pregnancy going by really quickly?

Baby W: 28 Weeks

Baby W: 28 Weeks

Baby W is 15 inches long and weighs over 2 1/2 pounds.  Interesting fact… he can now see light outside the womb.  Cool!

Jenn and Mike are getting really excited to meet their little guy and are singing to him lots.

Missed Jenn’s previous pics?  Here they are!

12 weeks
16 weeks

Gender reveal
24 weeks

Also, Jenn did a guest post about a dresser she refinished for the nursery.  Check it out here!

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Photo: 28 Weeks

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  4. I rarely use Facebook, but decided to take a look and found all your pics. You must be so excited. Jack and Rosa are thrilled, as they both have birthdays in Feb. too. Do you know what sex you are having?
    LOL. Madeline.XX

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