12 Days of Christmas: On the Tenth Day of Christmas…

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

10 finger handprints
A 9 piece Christmas felt tree
8 paper snowflakes
7 words for artwork
6 hand-made ornaments
5 gifts for L
4 festive letters
3 photo shoots
A 2 piece no-sew blanket
And a new spot for our Christmas tree

I promised the post for the Day 10 project following Christmas because I didn’t want to ruin any Christmas surprises.  Now that we’ve all opened our gifts and had some time to enjoy them, here is it: a custom tshirt with the girls’ handprints!


Personalized handprint tshirt

M received a handprint shirt for Father’s Day this year and loved it.  Unfortunately it shrank in the wash and can now only be worn around the house 🙂  I thought a new one in his size would be the perfect gift!  This gift only cost $3 as the shirt was on sale at Target and I already had the paint (which was from the dollar store anyway).

M loves his gift and has been wearing it everyday since Christmas!


M & E goofing around



L having some cuddles with M

I started by painting hearts on the shirt using acrylic paint (in colours the girls picked, of course!).  Once this had dried, I used white paint to add the girls’ handprints.  A fine-point paint brush was used to write their names and the date.  If painting on a tshirt, remember to put some cardboard between the 2 layers of the shirt so the paint doesn’t bleed through to the back.  There you go… easy and inexpensive but a super meaningful gift!

Did you give or receive any DIY gifts this Christmas?


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