Year in Review: Part 1 (Thank You!)

As 2013 is about to close out and my one-year blog-iversary is upon us, I wanted to quickly reflect on the last 12 months of this blog.  I started The ELM Life on a bit of a whim.  I thought I had something to share with the world and I was very surprised that the world was reading.

While ‘the number’ aren’t all the blog is about, they are the easiest way for me to gauge the success of The ELM Life.  Back in the summer, I set the goal of reaching 10,000 views by the end of the year.  As of this morning, I am up over 12,000… wow!  People in over 60 countries have visited my blog… double wow!

I can`t say it enough but THANK YOU so much for taking the time to visit my blog and read about my projects 🙂

Tomorrow I will be posting my top ten projects from the year and check back on New Year`s day to find out what I have in store for 2014!

Thanks again for visiting and I look forward to sharing the new year with you!

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